This bundled resource includes a Google Drive Folder with 12 subfolders filled with a plethora of resources to fit your English Language Arts needs. This products contains EVERY resource on my TPT store and MORE.


Google Drive Folder Contents:


Article of the Week

o 70 Articles

o 20 Article of the Week Reference Documents


Back to School Resources

o Walk & Talk Back to School Activity

o Editable Syllabus Scavenger Hunt

o Back to School Quote Exchange Activity

o Back to School Starter Pack

o Back to School Activity Guide


Classroom Decor

o You’re the Real MVP Recognition System

o Why Should I Read? Poster

o Who Runs the World? GIRLS Bulletin Board Set

o “The More One Reads…” Quote Posters

o Rhetorical Appeals Emoji Posters

o Prove it Posters

o Positive Affirmation Posters

o Noise Level Posters

o Power Words Poster

o Motivation Quote Posters

o Manners Matter Posters

o Latin & Greek Root, Stem, Prefix, Suffix Alphabet Posters

o How to Determine Theme Posters

o Everyday Etiquette Posters

o Entering Expectations Posters (Editable)

o Group Roles Posters

o Communication Tips Posters

o Computer Shortcuts Poster

o Emoji Exit Tickets

o Common Errors Posters

o Common Core Standards Posters

o Classroom Expectations Posters

o Book Cover Rainbow Art

o Are you APP-lying yourself this year? Bulletin Board Set

o ACES Writing Posters

o Accountable Talk Stems Posters

o Colorful Quote Classroom Posters

o Evidence Explanation Stems Posters

o 10 Things Great Leaders Say…Posters

o Writing Terms to Know Classroom Posters


Classroom Documents

o Weekly Planner Printable

o Top 10 Exit Tickets

o Teacher End of Year Reflection

o Sub Report

o Request to Re-test Form

o KWL Charts

o I-Phone Exit Ticket

o Classroom Job Application (Editable)

o Academic Reset form

o Classroom Book Checkout Sheet

o 100 Positive Student notes

o Dialectical Journal Handout


MLA Format

o MLA Format Scavenger Hunt

o MLA Format Quiz

o Example MLA Format Essay


Parent Teacher Conferences

o Student Reflection Forms

o Parent Teacher Conference Forms

o Parent Teacher Conference Forms (Editable)


Quarter Reflection Letter

o Quarter Reflection Letter

o Quarter Reflection Letter (Editable)


Reference Sheets

o Writing Terms to Know

o Transition List

o References & Resources

o Reading Response Stems & Questions

o Power Words

o Point-of-View

o Parts of Speech

o Other ways to say…


o Comma Usage

o Accountable Talk

o 15 ELA Reference Sheets


Student Surveys

o Student Survey

o Mid-quarter Check-in

o What should the teacher know? Survey

o Back to School Student Survey

o 6 End of Year Survey Options



o 5 Common Errors Unit

o Intro to Close Reading Unit

o Dear Future Self Unit

o Debate Unit

o Determine Theme Unit

o Effective Claims + Evidence Unit

o Explaining Evidence Unit

o Introductory ELA Unit

o Parts of Speech Unit

o Comma Usage Unit

o Semicolons + Colons Unit

o The Hate U Give Unit

o What is Love? Unit


Vocabulary Instruction

o Vocabulary Practice Menu

o Context Clues Competition PowerPoint

o ACT Words of the Day PowerPoint


Writing Instruction