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I love the start of the second semester because it is a fresh start for all of us! These activities and surveys help my students and I get back into the groove of things for semester two.


This product includes my favorite back to school resources and activities for the start of second semester. Specifically, this bundle includes 5 student surveys and 7 student activities/assignments.


This product includes:

  • Student interest survey  
  • Student survey (factors impacting learning and behavior)
  • Student survey - How well do you know your teacher?
  • Student course reflection survey
  • Semester reflection survey
  • Find someone who
  • School Scattergories
  • Rare Birds
  • Student-Partner interview
  • Semester reflection letter
  • Take a seat, make a friend
  • New Year One pager

Start of Second Semester Resource Bundle

    • Google Slides Presentation
    • Digital Download
    • 172 Slides

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