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One of my favorite classroom routines is starting each class period with an attendance question. Every day, class starts with a unique attendance question on my daily presentation. Not only has this routine helped me remember to take attendance (YIKES), it also has given me an additional opportunity to learn interesting information about my students. I've enjoyed creating these fun, engaging attendance questions for students.


This product is the Google Slides Presentation (190 editable slides) I use to start all my classes! The presentation includes 180 unique, fun, and engaging attendance questions. When you download this product, you will be prompted to download a PDF containing a link to open the presentation. 


Once you click the link, a unique copy of the Google Slides Presentation will be created. This means you are free to edit as much as needed! I've also included several blank slides if you want to create any from scratch. 


I hope you and your students enjoy these fun questions as much as we do!

NEW Daily Agenda Slides (180 Attendance Questions)

    • Google Slides Presentation
    • Digital Download
    • 190 Slides