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This product includes step by step instructions, activities, and assignments to teach your students how to effectively explain textual evidence.


Resources included in this product:

  • Explaining Evidence PowerPoint (19 Slides)
  • Explaining Evidence Classroom Posters (20 Posters)
  • Mini-Unit Scope & Sequence
  • "What Tone of Voice do Teenagers Prefer to Hear?" Article
  • Article Graphic Organizer
  • Reading Response Questions & Stems Reference Sheet
  • Explaining Evidence Reference Sheet
  • Explaining Evidence Practice Assignments
  • Explaining Evidence Scavenger Hunt
  • 47 pieces of evidence for Scavenger Hunt
  • Explaining Evidence Stations
  • "Why Some Articles get Stuck in your Head, According to Science" article
  • Article Writing Response Assignment
  • "Are Pro Athletes Paid too Much?" Article
  • Article Writing Response Assignment
  • Explanation Essay Prompt
  • Thesis Statement Reference Sheet
  • ACES Paragraph Reference Sheet
  • Other Ways to Say...Reference Sheet
  • Essay Introduction Reference Sheet
  • Essay Introduction Graphic Organizer
  • Essay Conclusion Reference Sheet
  • Essay Conclusion Graphic Organizer
  • Paragraph Outline Graphic Organizer
  • Essay Hook Strategies
  • Essay Checklist
  • Essay Rubric
  • Articles for Explanation Essay (63 pages)

Explaining Evidence Mini-Unit

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