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This set of End-of-Year Activities Bundle is the perfect way to reflect on the school year and create lasting memories with your students! The end of the school year can be tough, so I love to have activities and resources ready as needed. With our easy-to-use resources, you can create fun and meaningful activities that will be sure to make an impact on your students. From writing reflections to surveys to games, you'll have everything you need to say goodbye to the year in style.


This product includes (19 pages):

  • End-of-year Activities Explanation
  • Reflection Letter
  • End-of-year survey 1 (Likert Scale & Open-Ended)
  • End-of-year survey 2 (Likert Scale)
  • End-of-year survey 3 (Open-Ended)
  • End-of-year survey 4 (Open-Ended)
  • End-of-year survey 5 (Likert-Scale)
  • End-of-year survey 6 (Likert-Scale)
  • Advice letter to future students
  • Thank you letter
  • End-of-year Soundtrack
  • Rare Birds
  • End-of-year Scattergories (x2)
  • ABC Reflection
  • One Pager - End-of-year Reflection

End-of-Year Activity Bundle

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